The Pond Diary 2004


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7 May - I haven't been spending too much time doing things by the pond this last week or so (thanks to the Great Tits). In that time the tadpoles have grown to the stage where the newts seem less interested now.

In the meantime, the frogs are now spending quite some time on the 'sunny side' of the pond, often in groups on the bank, usually half hidden in the grass or other plants. There are four of them in this picture, although the groups are often larger in number.



When I was outside today there didn't seen to be too many insects to be seen, but on the pond surface the Pond Skaters are active, and this pair were mating.



I need to do some trimming of the grass around the pond over the next few days. Perhaps then I will spend some more time looking into the water a bit more closely.


9 May - Just a single picture entry for today to illustrate why, if you have a wildlife pond, you need to take care when cutting the grass (I can't at the moment as my mower died last week!).

This little frog was patrolling the grass down the West Wing. I think it is just 1 year old and in a couple of years it could be mating in our pond.


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