The 2006 diaries


The 2006 Garden Diary

The sixth year of my diary of wild happenings in the garden, from birds to fungi.

We have a constantly changing population of birds, insects and other wildlife taking advantage of the plants, log piles and feeders in the garden. Of special interest this year will be the rare solitary bees that nest in rotting timber that I have provided for them.

Go to latest entry - 31 December - The end of 2006 has arrived

The 2006 Pond Diary

Coverage of the events on and around my ponds as the frogs and newts gather for their annual spawning. Based on the last few years, the pond is likely to be a busy place through the Spring and early Summer.

Go to latest entry - 26 May - The first Flag Iris is in bloom

The 2006 Nestbox Diary, including the Great Tit Diary

Coverage of the events in our nestboxes through the year. This year once again there are cctv cameras in the Tit and Robin boxes, but they are now joined by one that peeps into a House Martin box. The Great Tits nested successfully, and I am now turning my attention to the House Martins.

Go to latest entry - 10 September - The last Martin has fledged

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