2009 diaries


The 2009 Garden Diary

Holiday Diary - June - Choughs, a Fulmer, a Field Vole, a Seal & more

The tenth year of my diary of the wilder side of my garden.

We have a constantly changing population of birds, insects and other wildlife taking advantage of the plants, log piles and feeders in the garden.

Go to latest entry - 22 December -The cold weather continues

Barkfly notes (18 Sept - 25 Nov) - a rare  species (Pseudopsocus rostocki) observed

The 2009 Nestbox Diary

Coverage of the events in our nest boxes through the year.  Using cctv cameras, I  monitored a Blue/Great Tit box, two Starling boxes, two Swift boxes, and three House Martin nests. During  the latter part of the season we followed roosting and nest building by two pairs of Swifts, using the boxes for the very first time.

Go to latest entry - 10 August - No Swifts seen today

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