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The 2014 Diaries

I continue to dedicate mybitoftheplanet to the memory of our beautiful daughter-in-Law Georgina.

Sadly, Georgina lost her two year battle with cancer just before Christmas 2012 and now rests in the heart of woodland on the English South Downs.

Her memory lives on in all our hearts, and she is missed terribly.


2013 was a difficult year as we all struggled to come to terms with losing Georgina. We enjoyed (and continue to do so into 2014) the company of Georgina's young son for a few days (and nights) each week as his dad's work requires some very unsociable hours. This has meant of course that far less time was spent doing anything in the garden. Inevitably the diary suffered to the extent that December was 'lost' completely.

In 2014 time spent observing the garden wildlife will continue to be limited by our family commitments, although I hope that all three of our grandchildren will get the chance to become more aware of what goes on in our garden as the year progresses. With the year emerging from what I think is its soggiest start ever (in my memory at least) I have a lot to do, with the first deadline being the arrival of the frogs, requiring a great deal of pond clearing.

While I intend to maintain my annual nest box webcam I decided that a day by day nestbox diary during nesting isn't going to be possible, although in the garden diary  I am recording significant observations and developments that might occur in the boxes.

I greatly appreciate your comments, contributions, and corrections, especially of my sometimes inaccurate ID's. Enjoy your visit -

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