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I continue to dedicate mybitoftheplanet to the memory of our beautiful daughter-in-Law Georgina.

Sadly, Georgina lost her two year battle with cancer just before Christmas 2012 and now rests in the heart of woodland on the English South Downs.

Her memory lives on in all our hearts, and she is missed terribly.


As life goes on and we continue to enjoy the company of Georgina's young son for a few days (and nights) each week, time seems to have flown by.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly a child develops language, skills and confidence Georgina would be so proud of him. His enthusiasm for new challenges keeps us on our toes and should help him make a great start to his formal education when he takes his first steps into school this September.

The time spent with the tiddler has of course meant that work on the diary had to be put on hold. Perhaps once September comes I may have a bit more time to dust off my macro lenses! In the meantime, I've just activated the webcam to watch over the Swifts. As May nears its end we have just five birds. Two pairs have started egg laying while the single Swift seems to have lost its partner soon after they arrived.

I greatly appreciate your comments, contributions, and corrections, especially of my sometimes inaccurate ID's. Enjoy your visit -

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