Year 2000 Nesting Diaries

In 1996 I built the bird box 'tower' with the intention of being able to watch and photograph the progress of nesting Blue Tits. However, it was not until 2000 that a pair of blue tits successfully nested in it. This web site developed out of my attempt to produce a diary of their progress.

The open fronted box at the back of the tower also remained unused until 2000. Soon after the blue tits left I spotted a pair of robins nest building in that box. I had not been set up for photography, but with a bit of improvisation, the cameras were quickly set up and we followed their family's development over the next five weeks. This included the bonus of a wren as a 'house guest' for a few days

The Blue Tit Diary :13 April - 13 June 2000

The Robins (and Wren!) Diary :15 June - 29 July 2000

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